Prescription Drug Errors

Non Prescription Eyeglasses in the Current Market

September 19th, 2016

In most people’s minds, eyeglasses are what they have to wear when they are suffering from vision errors of certain sorts. This is true in most cases, but eye wear is sometimes just used as a decorating article only. This eye wear is usually called clear lenses glasses or non prescription eyeglasses, for they are made without prescription. Therefore, non prescription glasses mainly used by people who have no eye problems, but want to enjoy the unique feeling of wearing eye wear. Of course, facts also prove that these people have greatly enhanced their personal images with these glasses since eyewear are no longer something pedant to see. By and larger, these clear lenses glasses show the following features.

Firstly, as their name has, these glasses are not made for the sake of vision correction, but for decoration. It is now a time when fashion is paid with great attention by people from all walks of life. Especially, as more and more fashionable elements are added to eye wear that are no longer deemed as something to affect wearers’ appearance, many people with perfect vision also bear special passion for eye glasses. And eye wear that are suitable for these eye people are non-prescribed and designed in the latest styles. In particular, some personalized designer eyeglasses can not only help wearers keep up with the latest fashion tide in the field, but also highlight their personality.

Second, non prescription eyeglasses in current market can offer perfect vision protection. It is no denying that there are many harmful rays in the sun light and some people have their eyes injured as a result. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some protective devices, though people are not in need of RX eyeglasses. Accordingly, these clear lenses eyeglasses are the best options for people with no eye problems. The lenses are particularly processed with the latest UV& glare blocking techniques and can filter out almost all harmful radiations that may lead to serious eye damages. And now, wearers with these eye glasses can enjoy what they love outdoors, without worrying about any eye injures caused by over-exposure to sunlight.

Third, non prescription eye glasses now are relatively cheap and can be afforded by people from all walks of life. Compared with prescription eyeglasses, clear lenses eye wear can be made in much simpler procedures, like no eye prescription. Therefore, the cost to make these eyeglasses can be greatly reduced. This is why they are just among some of the cheapest eyewear in the market.

Fourth, these eyeglasses can be purchased at many places. Just because no prescription is needed, non prescription eyeglasses can be gained from many places, like supermarket, drug stores, online shops, real optical stores, etc.

The Scavenger Hunt for Medication Errors

September 19th, 2016

“”, offered by Andrew S. Rosenthal, Pharm.D., reveals where and how to uncover evidence of negligence in medication error lawsuits. A Doctor of Pharmacy who has been in practice since 1967, when he earned his degree from the University of Southern California, Dr. Rosenthal provides a roadmap to real causes of negligence when a medication error has occurred.

While medications might be given according to package insert and prescription directions on its surface apparently incurring no liability to any interested parties, the fact that there is an injured patient means something went wrong. If the correct medication, given in the correct dosage, nonetheless is a time-released product, for example, it may cause harm to a patient with difficulty swallowing if a thoughtful nurse crushed and mixed it with apple sauce or jelly and didn’t know that crushing time-release formulations could release the medication all at once, causing the dosage to be delivered at dangerous levels.

“Knowing where to look is as important as what to look for,” said Dr. Rosenthal, who has done consulting for nursing homes. A consultant pharmacist is one who reviews medication records on admission and then only on a monthly basis because in-house pharmacies are not required under licensure standards for that class of medical facility.

As a result, licensed pharmacists work one-on-one with those who service patients directly. Their job description requires, as part of each visit, to watch while medication nurses or drug aides hand out prescriptions as ordered by the doctors. This procedure, called a “med pass,” ensures the medications are being handed out with the proper technique, as well as other necessary skills.

“As a rule, the more education and the more sophisticated the degree, the farther from the patient is from the degree-holder,” Dr. Rosenthal said. “This translates to a wealth of discovery that can be uncovered when inquiring into the feasibility if a lawsuit. Studies show there is at least one prescription error per patient day, and it may not be from the prescription or the dosage, but from how it is (mis)delivered.

A registered nurse (RN) does not pass out meds; licensed vocational nurses (LVN), with a year’s training, or a certified nurses’ aide (CNA) performs that chore. The likelihood that an RN, much less a physician, would know that the medications monitor served the meds with meals or milk when these agents might negate the medicinal effect are likely to go undetected.

“One thing is for sure,” said Dr. Rosenthal. “A thorough review of a medication error case has to be looked at from the bottom up, to uncover every possible angle of liability. It is too important, not just to the injured party, but to remember that nothing convinces providers to keep a closer eye on their medication delivery practices than a lesson in the wallet.”

[] is a site that regularly updates information geared to attorneys specializing in medical malpractice, medication error, and nursing home issues. Practitioners would do well to check frequently for the newest information in issues and concerns when doing due diligence for a winning lawsuit, Dr. Rosenthal said.

Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression With Prescription Medications – The Pros And Cons

September 19th, 2016

Have you recently been diagnosed with anxiety or depression? Have you and your doctor been considering prescription medications as treatment for anxiety and depression? The decision to use prescription drugs is largely a personal choice. It’s important to weigh all of the options before deciding to use prescription medications, or avoid them all together.

Treatment for anxiety and depression can come in many forms. Often a combination of treatment options brings you the best results. For example, therapy, prescription medications, and alternative treatment options all have their positives and negatives. Again, such a combination might be the best solution for you.

The thought that a pill a day keeps anxiety and depression away may be a tempting marketing slogan. Although prescription medications can have positive results, they typically will not alleviate all symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

What are some of the “cons?”

Realistically, prescription drugs take time. It can take four weeks or more for the medication to reach its full potential. In other words, it takes that long for the patient to feel the full effect of the medication. Furthermore, finding just the right medication, or combination of medications, is not usually accomplished on the first attempt.

The process of finding the proper dosage can be a series of trial and error before your doctor finds the treatment that works best for you.

But before taking a new medication as treatment for anxiety and depression, educate yourself about potential side effects. Antidepressant medications typically have a number of potential side effects.

And some patients find these side effects are significant enough that they stop taking the medication. Symptoms can vary from person to person. Severity can be as serious as suicidal tendencies, or as mild as dry mouth.

On the “pro” side, cognitive therapy seems to have a higher success rate for patients as treatment for anxiety and depression than medication alone on a long-term basis. For this reason, patients may choose to create a treatment plan that couples therapy and medication for even greater results.

The medication can help to provide quicker results, but the therapy will be the catalyst that brings relief on a more permanent basis. Only you and your doctor can decide together what treatment options are best for you.

When the right balance of prescription medications and other treatment options is used, patients often feel a great sense of relief, joy, and overall improvement in their lives. Proper treatment can make all the difference in the world.

There’s no single right or wrong answer when it comes to the personal decision you’re trying to make about your treatment for anxiety and depression. Create a plan with your doctor and recognize that it’s a guideline for progress. Should you change your mind at a later time about your treatment options, that’s acceptable and quite common.

And please, always speak to your doctor before beginning or ceasing a new treatment for anxiety and depression. Only you and your doctor know what’s best for your specific circumstances.

Robotic Pharmacists – Drug Dispensing Made Easy

September 19th, 2016

Pharmacists have a tough job, aside from reading illegible prescriptions, and ensuring that only the right pharmaceutical drugs are dispensed, they have to constantly run around stockrooms looking for drugs. However, some pharmacies may have already found a solution in the form of robotic pharmacists.

Recently, a new set of robotic dispensers, christened as “robodispensers,” were introduced at Leicester’s hospitals’ pharmacies. These robots are big machines, about eight meters in size, and are costly too, with each piece costing about US$ 463,530.

The New Age Dispensers

The new age pharmacists seem to be clever and efficient machines, as they can tirelessly work round the clock and not need even a cat’s nap. They can accurately locate and dispense 700 medicines a day – 60 per hour, in addition to storing 25,000 packs of medicines.

When a pharmacy technician asks the robots to fetch a pack of a particular pharmaceutical – patent or a generic drug, the on-board computer swings into action, calculating where the medicines are stocked. Next, the picking head gets to right spot, and using a suction arm pulls the pack from the shelf. After which the pack find its way onto a conveyor belt and the drugs are delivered to the technician.

Bulky and pricey they may be, however they have a number of advantages over human pharmacists. For instance, they can save many pharmacists the pain of rushing about stockrooms in search of medicines, and they can better focus on ensuring that the right medicines are dispensed. Also, these robotic dispensers are highly accurate because rely on the barcodes on the prescription drugs packs to identify medicines, thus reducing errors. And, a reduced turn around time is yet another benefit.

Perhaps, reduced costs and widespread installations of such machines will take care of the woes of pharmacy technicians around the world.

Drug Detox Can Help With Prescription Drug Addiction, But Addiction Is Not Our Biggest Prescription

September 19th, 2016

Why are so many people dying or getting ill from prescription drugs? Although some prescription drugs cause addiction and dependency that may require drug detox, and may also lead to using illegal drugs or acquiring prescription drugs illegally, many of the deaths and events are from drugs that shouldn’t be killers. So, why are they causing so much trouble? The answer may be surprising.

First, let’s have a look at some of the facts surrounding deaths and ‘serious events’ caused by prescription drugs:

* 106,000 hospital patients die every year from drugs that were properly prescribed and administered, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. That’s 10 times the number of deaths caused by illegal drugs, many of which could have been prevented with medical drug detox and, if needed, drug rehab.

* A report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies said that medication errors and side effects account for $3.5 billion in hospital costs each year.

* About 1.5 million “adverse drug events” occur in the U.S. every year, and about one third of those are in outpatient settings such as clinics and doctors’ offices, also according to the IOM. Again, it’s likely that most of these events did not involve prescription drug addiction or dependency that required drug detox.

* The American Medical Association reported that drug-related problems kill as many as 198,815 people every year, put 8.8 million in hospitals, and account for up to 28% of hospital admissions.

Why is this happening? Surprisingly, one of the major problems is that patients frequently don’t know what drugs they’re taking.

A recent study on blood pressure medication provides a good example: Researchers at Northwestern University’s Institute for Healthcare Studies studied 119 patients who were taking blood pressure medication. They were first tested for their medical literacy – simple questions to determine their ability to follow instructions on how to take the drugs and so on – then they were asked to list the drugs they take, then their lists were compared to their medical records.

The results showed that between 40 and 68% of the patients did not know the names of any of the drugs they were taking – the less literate were at 68%, the more literate were at 40%.

Additionally, when the patients were able to list their drugs and their information was compared to their medical records, only about 40% of those with inadequate medical literacy correctly identified any of the drugs in their medical records. The numbers improved for those with adequate medical literacy, but only to about 65%.

What does this all mean? As all medical records are not necessarily correct or complete, doctors often rely on patient information about the drugs they’re taking. Given the wrong information, doctors can prescribe other drugs that may be harmful when taken in combination with those the patient is already taking.

If you’re taking drugs that cause addiction and dependency, getting off them might be advisable: consult with a medical professional in liaison with a medical drug detox program counselor to find out. However, for other drugs, it’s important to get together with your doctor – bring the actual bottles of your drugs with you to the doctor’s office – to make sure the drugs you’re taking are safe for you by themselves, and in combination.

Natural Health Remedies Versus Prescription Drugs

July 22nd, 2016

Do accustomed bloom remedies accept a abode in our society, or are decree drugs the alone way to go?

Natural bloom remedies accept been about for as continued as man has, and it is alone the endure 100 years that decree drugs accept been assigned to us. The Chinese are acclaimed for application accustomed bloom remedies, and accept done so for centuries, forth with added another treatments like acupuncture, and it seems that the western apple is alone just starting to bolt up with their ‘secrets’.

Natural bloom remedies are acceptable added accepted and we charge to attending at the affidavit why they are accretion in popularity, but aboriginal we will attending at some of the apropos that association has with decree drugs.
Safety and believability of drugs, are we absolutely acquainted of the continued appellation furnishings that some drugs accept on our body?

There are generally abounding blackballed ancillary furnishings if demography drugs.

Are we consistently assigned the a lot of adapted biologic for our problem, or are we assigned the biologic that the doctor reaps the greatest banking accretion from?

Doctors accept a vested absorption to accept us acknowledgment time and time afresh to their surgeries. They appoint drugs that abate the symptoms, but rarely appoint annihilation that fixes the problem. Some accepted examples of this are claret burden medication, cholesterol, diabetes, abject medication and the account could go on and on.

Sometimes drugs action abbreviate appellation assets that generally advance to continued appellation pain. You amusement the affirmation but advance the disease.

You cannot apparent a accustomed product, accordingly the biologic companies are not absorbed in spending ample amounts of money developing a artefact that can be replicated easily, abnormally if they do not accept the aegis of a patent. They accordingly advance constructed drugs that they can apparent and accomplish a acknowledgment on their investment. You cannot absolutely accusation the biologic companies for accomplishing this, but it does not advice the accommodating get the best analysis that is available.

So why the acceptance of accustomed bloom remedies?
Herbs plan synergistically with the physique and after advancing the accustomed antithesis of the body.

Generally vitamins, minerals, and herbs are beneath baneful than their constructed counterparts and action beneath accident of ancillary effects.

Amount – a lot of of the accustomed remedies plan out added amount able than always demography decree drugs. The accustomed remedies advance the basis could cause of the problem, and can be discontinued if the botheration has been rectified.

Accustomed remedies accept been acclimated for centuries. Initially there would accept been balloon and absurdity action traveling on, but they accept had centuries to authorize what works and what doesn’t. What we accede boilerplate anesthetic has alone had a individual aeon to conduct their balloon and absurdity testing. Accept they got it right?

The animal physique has ample ability to alleviate itself, and allotment of our acquirements action about accustomed bloom remedies should cover acquirements about the ability of our mind. There is accretion affirmation to abutment the appearance that the healing action is best added with the aid of accustomed substances, substances that the physique accepts abundant added readily, rather than demography man fabricated drugs.

Natural bloom remedies will never absolutely alter accepted medicine, as accepted anesthetic will absorb its abode in the acreage of anaplasty and added alarming conditions, but we charge to accede advantageous accustomed alternatives to a lot of the accustomed drugs that we are now prescribed.

Drug Testing Is Hazardous To Your Work

June 3rd, 2016

The after-effects of biologic testing can be invalid in assertive cases. These drawbacks of biologic testing can abate your abandon and lose your job.


The Centre for Disease Control has activated the labs sending accepted quantities of drugs. The labs were clumsy to ascertain the drugs present in the sample. Even admitting the labs were bigger the alignment and reliability, still the botheration continues.

The Two Bagel Breakfast

Sample urine buried absolute for opiates by RIA, EMIT. GC/MS articular morphine content. The alone denied analgesic corruption and an analysis was done. Analysis arise a diet consisting of a Burger King hamburger the night afore the case was taken and a breakfast allegedly usual, of two bagels from the university bite bar. Alone appeared to be absolutely normal. They came to the cessation that the pulverization of few poppy seeds acclimated as a adornment on the bagel resulted in absolute immunoassay response.

Hemp Berry Foods

Laboratory studies arise that accolade fabricated from cannabis sativa berry (hemp seed) can could could could cause a absolute urine analysis for cannabis. Even admitting their strains are low, they can aftereffect a absolute analysis afterwards ingestion. The absolute cannabis after-effects were acquired for the volunteers who ate hemp cookies.

Human Absurdity

Most of the animal errors are acquired due to poor management, bare personnel, adulterated aliment of equipment, contagion of bottle articles with biologic absolute samples, etc. Monitoring of the superior plan is done at the laboratories to accomplish abiding no errors are made. The machines are alone as reliable as the humans accomplish them.

Regulation Needed

In a accidental or accumulation testing, afterwards apparent cause, absurdity is inevitable. Causes of Errors in Testing:

Improper class procedures
Inadvertent switching of samples
Paperwork getting absent or damages.
Passive inhalation
Cross-reactivity with other, acknowledged drugs
Tampering with samples
Unknown reasons

False Positives

It refers to a absolute aftereffect on a drug-free sample. Apocryphal positives may activity due to testing methodology, accessories contamination, etc. There is a abundant claimed and amusing acceptation in the absolute biologic analysis of job exercise evaluation, pre-employment, advance candidates, etc. Usually screening analysis is followed by a acknowledging analysis by application altered methodology.

False Positives Or Opiates

The a lot of difficult assignment for the ones who are interpreting urine biologic screening after-effects is the analgesic positive. Majority of analgesic positives are due to poppy seeds and decree drugs. Studies acknowledge that assertive drugs are begin afterwards poppy berry ingestion. As the apocryphal positives disrupted several employees’ life, Govt. has adapted binding guidelines for Federal Workplace Biologic Testing Programs by accretion the absolute and acknowledging levels of opiates.

Many Errors

Errors can be fabricated anywhere in the activity of drug testing. The advisers become the guinea pig acclimated to advance testing that can be accurate. Problems of class performance, adulterated conformation, acknowledged activity and carelessness arise about anon in accumulation screenings of aggressive personnel’s for drugs.


It was advised by Allen and Stiles. They activated 161 prescriptions and over the adverse drugs with EMIT and begin that 65 of the decree and over the adverse articles showed some cantankerous reactivity, including ethics aloft cut-off. A lot of of the positives appropriate the concentrations that are not accessible in animal urine and do not present applied problems. If you use a decree or over the adverse anesthetic afore a biologic test, you could analysis positive. About 150 acknowledged over the adverse medications, abnormally those absolute constructed compounds like phenylpropanolamine accept been appear as causing positives in amphetamine tests and can aswell could could could cause a apocryphal absolute in a Methedrine test. Some sources affirmation that a cocaine EMIT analysis can crop a absolute if the getting getting activated drank ample quantities of tea. If you accept taken an over the adverse affliction or a menstrual ache alertness you could analysis absolute and acquisition yourself accepting to prove you are not a biologic abuser. So cross-reactivity is a botheration that has not been apparent and continues to be misunderstood. So, you should be smart, get informed, proactive and adapt to canyon a biologic test.